April 2013

27 April 2013

The Whiskered Tern at Durleigh Reservoir was difficult to photograph from a bobbing boat (thanks Nick Wall!) but I did get views down to a few feet!

22 April 2013

This Woodchat Shrike at Chew has the potential to show stupidly well, as it did when I was there. It flew towards me and landed just a couple of metres away on one occasion. Don't walk up to it though - that's not tactful.


21 April 2013

Two Whiskered Terns at Shapwick - very nice! It's all terns at the moment but there must be a few other scarcities out there, just need time to find them.

19-20 April 2013

You really should make the most out of the Arctic Terns that are feeding around Apex/Holiday Village lakes at the moment. We don't often get them like this and they will soon be on there way up north.


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