August 2010

31 August 2010

A great day along the Somerset coast with Red-backed Shrike between Stolford and Hinkley Point and Wryneck at Wall Common. Well done to Dave Chown and Julian Thomas, the respective finders.

27 August 2010

Gannet (top) at Cheddar Reservoir. The first new bird I've seen there in ages. Others are Wheatear and White Wagtail at the Huntspill Sea Wall. For those of you who are interested in photography, the Wheatear demonstrates a lovely background (in my opinion) that doesn't detract from the image, the White Wagtail on the other hand, has a truly awful background - very bad bokeh!

23 August 2010

Continuing the theme of rubbish photos, the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Spurn was the first new bird I've had in ages. I manages to take a total of five photos of it before it flew further out into the estuary. For once, I don't regret getting good scope views before photographing it.

1 August 2010

Some top quality images to start off the month. This Stone Curlew at Steart was a real county list blocker - unblocked for only five observers so far and two of them were Steart residents. Frustrating for some and amusingly for others the bird showed very briefly again the next day - what a pri*k teaser!


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