August 2012

31 August 2012

A couple of days in Cornwall was great - especially as I managed to be near Martin Elliott when he stumbled upon this cracking adult Bairds Sandpiper. Had the bird not been stood next to a cracking adult Buff-breasted Sandpiper I might have had the sense to actually look at it before Martin arrived! The Chough was at Lizard village. Look no rings, I think this might mean it's one of the original pair (presumably from Ireland). I could be wrong though?

30 August 2012

The Pectoral Sandpiper at Steart. It wasn't exactly the closest Pec I've ever seen, but the sun was shining and the light was a lot nicer than last years that showed down to a few inches but in terrible back light.

23 August 2012

A couple of days in Suffolk and Norfolk were birdless, but this Swallowtail was a nice find at Hickling Broad.

20 August 2012

The only images I got of all four together were of them in flight. On my second visit to Wet Moor they were in the usual place, then as I got back to the car I realised they were circling high abbve me (I didn't flush them!).

11 August 2012

One of the four White Storks that graced Wet Moor, as well as almost everywhere else in the country.

4 August 2012

Having not pressed the shutter button on my camera for ages, I thought I'd upload a couple of shots I haven't bothered with until now. The top one is a distant photo of the White-winged Black Tern at Lodmoor on 10 July 2012 and the Avocets are the pair that bred successfully at Steart. This photo taken back in May.


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