August 2013

31 August 2013

Glossy Ibis at Durleigh. Terrible photo but I'm not sure I've seen any better of this bird. Somebody get one, please!

26 August 2013

A fantastic morning spent at Durlstone Country Park in Dorset. Adonis Blues were very abundant and showed exceptionally well. Lulworth Skippers were also quite common.

23 August 2013

The last few days there's been loads of Clouded Yellows feeding on the Oil Seed Rape at the base of Brean Down. They waited until I went back with a camera. Ta!

21 August 2013

A fantastic day butterflying. Silver-spotted Skipper at Fontmell Down, Brown Hairstreak and White-letter Hairstreak at Alners Gorse. A three hairstreak day with only Purple not photographed!

3 August 2013

I'd be meaning to get photos of Valenzina Silver-washed Fritillary for the last few years, but had failed due to the last two years abysmal weather. This year there were loads of them in Cheddar Wood and you could hardly fail to get half decent photos. The juvenile Mediterranean Gull posed very well at Apex until the usual flushing dog walkers decided to do their ignorant stuff.


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