December 2012

29 December 2012

This is the Lesser Scaupalike at Cheddar Reservoir. It's a particularly good one, but to me demonstrates classically what a Lesser Scaup bill pattern should not look like. The black should be restricted to the nail, which it clearly isn't. To me, the bill pattern is too much like a Tufted Duck.

The Whooper Swans at Tadham Moor were even closer today. Weather was awful but I managed a few shots from the car.

28 December 2012

The Whooper Swan flock was still at Tadham Moor showing well by the road. A quick look for the nearby Cattle Egret failed to get better views than yesterday, but evidently I drove past it. Doh!

23 December 2012

We had to drive along the M5 today, so a visit to Queen Mother Reservoir was necessary to see this Buff-bellied Pipit. It was fantastic to be able to watch the bird without binoculars as it fed to within a few feet of the admirers. Photographing it was another matter, as dispite its tameness, it was active the whole time in bad light at odd angles. Trying to get the whole bird sharp and in focus with a lens wide open to maximise light and high ISO's was certainly challenging. Thanks to the Berkshire Ornithological Club and volunteers for organising access. I'd like to think the Somerset Ornithological Society could one day be involved in organising a major twitch. Fingers crossed!

19 Dedcember 2012

Purple Sandpiper, Portishead. It's only taken me about 2 years of working in Avonmouth to bother to look at these excellent birds, and I choose a day when it's lashing it down. Typical!

8 December 2012

The Black Redstart was one at Brean. The Waxwings were seen driving towards Steart - always nice (didn't you know, Waxwings can drive). The Temmincks was still present and very close, but I don't like the photos I took today, so I can't be bothered to process them.

4 December 2012

The Temminck's Stint at Steart that showed well but in terrible wind. You could hardly raise your bins it was so strong. I have lots of other photos but this one with a blue background is a lot nicer than the closer ones where it's against mud.



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