February 2008

Great Northern Diver (c) James Packer 2008

Red-necked Grebe (c) James Packer 2008

23 February 2008

Cheddar Reservoir again, and more shots of the Great Northern Diver and Red-necked Grebe. Notice how the diver is a different bird to the one I photographed on the 10th. The pale fringes go much further down the back and the upper mandible of the bill is more overlapping. The head is also much stockier, a shape that was always apparent.

Cattle Egret (c) James Packer 2008

22 February 2007

There's been up to five Cattle Egrets near North Petherton. This one showed well and proving that the car acts as a great hide, fed unconcerned the whole time I was watching it. I left it feeding amongst sheep.

Red-necked Grebe (c) James Packer 2007

Red-necked Grebe (c) James Packer 2008

Black Redstart (c) James Packer 2008

17 February 2008

This Red-necked Grebe (top) at Cheddar Reservoir was quite mobile. It came close enough for a few photos just briefly.

This horrible grotty Black Redstart (lower) was still at Brean Cove. It looks like it's been sticking its head in the sand. There was also a slightly nicer (probably imm male) bird present.

Great Northern Diver (c) James Packer 2008

10 February 2008

Yet another Great Northern Diver at Cheddar Reservoir. One bird present today, not particularly close, but in great light.

Cattle Egrets (c) James Packer 2008

9 February 2008

A rubbish photo of two of the three Cattle Egrets at Stretcholt. The other big white blobs are Little Egrets. If you can't tell the difference, go and read a bird guide. The big black thing in the middle is the arse of a cow.

Iceland Gull (c) James Packer 2008

Iceland Gull (c) James Packer 2008

Iceland Gull (c) James Packer 2008

2 February 2008

This Iceland Gull at Minehead has been present for a week, and I'm grateful to it for staying until the weekend (if you can be grateful to a bird!). It showed well on the Tesco pond and on the seafront.


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