February 2009

Marsh Tit  James Packer 2009

Nuthatch  James Packer 2009

Nuthatch  James Packer 2009

22 February 2009

As it was a bit sunny today, I sat by the feeders at Swell Wood to photograph some common(er) woodland birds. Getting them to come into the sunny spots was not easy! Marsh Tit (top) and Nuthatch (lower).

21 February 2009

This Merlin photo (top) would have been miles better had it not been sat on a roadside gate and a car came behind me just at the wrong moment. Tealham Moor. The Rock Pipit at Brean Down is standard photo fare. Nice light today, shame nothing interesting came close.

14 February 2009

Chiffchaffs at Apex (above) and at Brean today, with one at Berrow yesterday. Bit weird as there hasn't been any around here for months. What's the betting that they're migrants? Certainly no confusion over what race they are.

7 February 2009

This Tufted Duck at Cheddar Reservoir today has a nasal saddle - not some torture device as it might appear. Seems like this bird was marked in Portugal - full details when I get them. I assume from this that ducks have no use for their nasal slots, as this device must render them useless! [update: the bird was marked on 20 November 2005, at S. Jacinto Dunes Nature Park, Portugal (1263 km away from Cheddar Res). It was there until 26 February 2006, but was seen in the Cotswold Water Park on 24 June 2006]

2 February 2009

I've heard some people say they're fed up with seeing photos of snow. Miserable bas*ards. Well here's some more snowy photos of Berrow, just to please them all!

1 February 2009

A day out around Weymouth was very cold, so much so that it was uncomfortable to get out the car! The Hooded Merganser about 1 metre from the car park was pretty much as adventurous as we got!


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