January 2009

25 January 2009

This Great White Egret has usually only been seen for a few seconds in flight from the Noah's Lake hide at Shapwick. Today it finally showed well out in the open at Ham Wall. At the bottom is a Little Egret taken at the Brue Estuary yesterday, just in case you're not sure of the difference.

24 January 2009

Aaahhh, bloody 'ell, someones put my head on the wrong way round! This Buzzard at Brean Down gives an all new meaning to the phrase eyes in the back of its head.


18 January 2009

This Penduline Tit at the Clennon Valley Lakes in Paignton, Devon, was one of the most challenging birds I've photographed. Whilst I was there it was showing well but fairly distantly, and I've got literally hundreds of photos of the back of it's head! I was well chuffed with these images, even though they're not the greatest.

Grey Phalarope  James Packer 2009

Grey Phalarope  James Packer 2009

Black-necked Grebe  James Packer 2009

Black-necked Grebe  James Packer 2009

17 January 2009

A great hour or so at Cheddar Reservoir where this Grey Phalarope (top) was a nice surprise. The Black-necked Grebe had been present for a couple of days but showed well in the sunshine.

Hen Harrier  James Packer 2009

15 January 2009

Whilst I was crossing the Somerset Levels this afternoon this Hen Harrier at Greylake RSPB spent a few minutes quartering a rushy field - shame it didn't come closer though.

Water Rail  James Packer 2009

Water Rail  James Packer 2009

10 January 2009

This Water Rail at Cheddar Reservoir showed well today. Usually a very skulking species, it was great to get a chance to photograph a species that it usually only seen briefly in thick reeds.

Red-breasted Goose  James Packer 2009

Black Brant  James Packer 2009

Grey Plover  James Packer 2009

7 January 2009

A day working in the New Forest allowed lunchtime at Keyhaven, where the Red-breasted Goose (top) and Black Brant (middle) were located about 20 seconds after getting out the car. This Grey Plover (lower) also showed well in the icy conditions.

3 January 2009

A morning spent dipping on Pallas' Warbler, but this Iceland Gull on Croyde beach was worth the day trip alone. As you can see it was very elusive and difficult to approach. And before anyone bangs on about photographers approaching birds too closely, I can assure you that I never saw the bird in flight at all!


2 January 2009

Still grey and horrible, and this adult Mediterranean Gull on Brean beach was the best I could muster this morning. Med Gulls are usually smart birds, but even this one looked dull in this bad light.

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