July 2010

24 July 2010

Tree Sparrows at Mendip Farm, Green Ore. A real rarity in Somerset, however this site has loads today with flocks of juveniles feeding in an adjacent wheat field, including some very recently fledged (lower!)

15 July 2010

Now that information has been officially released, it's appropriate to publish these images of the female Little Bittern at Loxtons Marsh. Yes, there's a pair, hopefully they're feeding young, and tut, tut to those who put mouth or blog before brain. Sometimes it may be better to just have a little think first.

9 July 2010

This was literally about half a mile away but views throught the scope were excellent. White-tailed Plover at Slimbridge and a real rare bird stunner.

4 July 2010

Here's a Grey Wagtail taken whilst doing the Water Voles. Looks crap here but superb at a sensible size. Also a White Satin Moth especially for Andy Pym, caught in the garden.

3 July 2010

I'd been meaning to photograph the Cheddar Water Voles for some time, only finally getting round to it today. Fantastic mammals with loads of character!


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