July 2013

28 July 2013

Brean Down butterflies anf there were lots of them. Never seen so many Chalkhill Blues. There were certainly hundreds, if not a thousand!

18 July 2013

A brief visit to Fermyn Woods as I was working up there. I managed a Purple Emperor photo in an Oak tree - result! The White Admiral was sat on the track, which leads to a nice pose but very dull photo.

14 July 2013

An excellent morning looking for White-letter Hairstreak at the Alners Gorse Butterfly Conservation Reserve in Dorset. They were mostly distant, keeping to the top of the Elm trees, but occasionally one would rest in slightly lower Elm saplings. These were taken with a 500mm lens though!

13 July 2013

The Little Bitterns (top) at Walton Heath (Ham Wall RSPB) are more difficult than previous years, being quite a long way back into the rear of the reed bed. As usual, they are only seen in feeding flights from the nest, and then it's all too easy to miss them. Below is the Arctic Tern which was quite a surprise today.


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