June 2009

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30 June 2009

Last nights moth catch was impressive in amount and species, but nothing much more unusual than this Scarlet Tiger (top). Generally speaking, I dislike photos of birds carrying food as it usually means the photographer is disturbing his subject. The Reed Warbler was taken from a hide, so in this case I wasn't. Promise!

29 June 2009

The long-staying Slavonian Grebe on the Exe Estuary, Devon, showed well this morning at high tide. A carefully timed visit paid off!

24 June 2009

Cream-bordered Green Pea. I caught another last night and this one didn't get away!

23 June 2009

A great moth night last night. The trap had Lilac Beauty (above), three European Corn-borers, Cream-bordered Green Pea and loads of the regular Berrow goodies.

20 June 2009

Another trip to Shapwick for the Bitterns, where they showed often but were a challenge to photograph as the light seemed to always be against me.

18 June 2009

It's great to see Lapwing successfully breeding on Tealham Moor. This pair had several chicks (lower) that could already fly.

17 June 2009

Nationally, a rare moth, but in my garden a regular occurance as it's a sand dune and sandy beach specialist - this is a Shore Wainscot.

13 June 2009

Another flight shot of the Little Bittern on Loxtons Marsh, though it seems to be getting really difficult now!

Little Bittern  James Packer 2009

Little Bittern  James Packer 2009

7 June 2009

Found by Alan Ashman last night, this male Little Bittern has made my spring. Great views of this cracking little bird. It was calling constantly which made it slightly easier to find in the dense reeds!

5 June 2009

Surveying wildlife most of the day, I suppose I'm bound to come across someything unusual from time to time. Todays find really broke all expectations, when I came face to face with this Red-necked Wallaby whilst doing a bird survey in Devon! I'm not really sure who was most surprised at the encounter - no actually I am - it was me!

2 June 2009

More immigrant insects, this time a Red-veined Darter photographed near Avonmouth, Bristol

Bordered Straw  James Packer 2009

1 June 2009

This hot weather is great, not only does it feel good, it's bringing in some insects. This Bordered Straw is the first of hopefully a few decent immigrant moths at Berrow.


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