June 2010

29 June 2010

The House Finch at East Prawle showed well this afternoon and sang for a minute or so. Not the best credentials, but even if it's a ship-assisted that's still an impressive feat. I'm glad I didn't divert too far to see it!

19 June 2010

Well done to Trevor Riddle for finding a singing Brambling in Long Wood. The bird was still present this morning and a short recording of it in song can be heard here. Have to admit it's not the most dramatic of songsters and the spectrogram is just as boring as the song so I won't bother uploading that.

13 June 2010

Having failed to find Adonis Blue at the usual Mendips site, I was a bit surprised to find this stunning male at the bottom of the slope at Collard Hill. Believe me, the upperside looked a lot more convincing! Quite what Adonis Blue is doing at Collared Hill is anyones guess as this is miles from the nearest known colony.

11 June 2010

For quite a few years Long-eared Owls have bred in the local area and this year one chick has fledged (the photo is of one of the adults). We don't usually know much about it until the young start to call. A recording of the chick can be heard here. It's very distinctive and can be heard from some distance away. I intend to upload a lot more bird calls in the future. Lucky you!

4 June 2010

A great start to the month with this fantastic Marmora's Warbler on the Blorenge in South Wales.


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