March 2009

23 and 25 March 2008

This Little Gull at WsM STW was occasionally close, but extremely difficult to photograph. I tried a variety of techniques, the most successful being blast a load of shots and hope for the best.

18 March 2009

This male Ring Ouzel flew across Berrow Golf Course in the evening sun. It's flight feathers have caught the sun.

15 March 2009

A beautiful day with some quality birds. Firecrest (top) at Apex, Iceland Gull near Williton, Yellowhammer near the Iceland Gull and Great Grey Shrike on Wilmersham Common, Exmoor. Thanks to the guy who showed me his garden full of Yellowhammers - a great sight!

9 March 2009

A lunch hour in Devon allowed me to photograph these Cirl Buntings. The photo session was ruined by some absolute plonker of a dog walker who thought it was perfectly acceptable to allow his three dogs to bark and jump up at me as I was photographing these birds. Moron.

7 March 2009

This Iceland Gull, found by Roy Kelly, was at Durleigh Reservoir until dusk. It stayed very distant, but flapped and flew around a fair bit.

1 March 2009

Having cause to travel northwards, I thought I'd stop in for a look at the American Wigeon at Slimbridge. Reports that it was 'showing well' are all relative. What that means is that you can see it - hardly close enough to photograph whilst I was there.


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