March 2010

20 March 2010

Couldn't resist a couple more. Allopreening means they are getting all horny. Can we get six species of heron breeding in the county this year (we've already got four) and seven when the Glossy Ibis are old enough?

17 March 2010

I had another go at the Spoonbill this evening, the only trouble was that is was 6.00pm and almost dark enough to go to bed, much less photograph a bird feeding frenetically. Good job they're white!

14 March 2010

Another go at the Tealham Ruff!

13 March 2010

Common Buzzard and Ruff on Tealham Moor, plus a couple of Spoonbills at Greylake.

7 March 2010

These are actually a few images from the last couple of weeks that I haven't bother to look at until now. Bewick's at Nythe, Wigeon and Teal at Greylake and a Lapwing at Tealham. Could have done with last weeks light fo these!


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