March 2012#

26 March 2012

Some Short-eared Owl shots from the last couple of days. Stunning birds which attract a large audience. It's great to see so many people interested (bites tongue).

22-24 March 2012

The Long-billed Dowitchers have been showing fairly well at Meare Heath. Mostly distant but sometimes they come a bit closer and the light has been good. The Merlin (top) was on Tealham Moor during a leisurely drive home and the Great White Egret photos are posted to show the different plumages at this time of year. The regular ringed bird showing a black bill and amazing blue lores of breeding plumage.

17 March 2012

Well overdue for some of us - Long-billed Dowitcher at Greylake RSPB. It might have been miles away, but Somerset ticks don't come along all that often. The Little Grebe was close to the hide, and the usual Stoat didn't respond well to pishing.


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