November 2010

14 November 2010

The Whooper Swans at Cheddar Reservoir have now been present a few weeks.I wonder how long they'll stay not the water levels rising? A few years ago these would have been very rare in Somerset and yet we had flocks of several hundred Bewick's Swans. Don't times change, and don't I sound like an old duffer.

13 November 2010

I was well pleased with these images of the Exminster American Robin, considering how elusive it was today - these were taken at quite some distance.

9 November 2010

Having to work in Pembrokeshire, or near abouts, had its advantages today as I nipped into Angle Bay for this superb Squacco Heron. Angle Bay would be a lovely place were it not for the bloody great refinery dominating the otherwise unspoilt Pembrokeshire coast!


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