November 2012

18 November 2012

This grey 'eastern type' Chiffchaff at Berrow wildlife pond showed characteristics of being an abientinus, rather than a tristis. Notice the hint of yellow in the supercilium in front of the eye. The call was perhaps like a weak collybita, but not Bullfinch like as tristis should be. An interesting bird.

17 November 2012

Two very close Greater Scaup and a female Goldeneye at Cheddar Reservoir today - the Goldeneye has been there for some time. They were only close because of sailing disturbance, quickly swiming back to the middle after the disturbance passed. Given the amount of people who visit Cheddar Reservoir to empty their dogs nowadays, it seems like any birds there either have to be tolerant of disturbance, or leave.


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