October 2008

Isles of Scilly, 25 October - 1 Novermber 2008

Blyths' Reed Warbler, St. Agnes, 28 October 2008

Grey Cheeked Thrush, St. Marys', 26 & 29 October 2008

A Shrike, St. Marys', 27 October 2008. Well, it's either a Brown or a Red-backed Shrike, or something else.

Two Snow Buntings, St. Marys', 31 October 2008

Snowy Owl, St Marys' and St. Martins, 29 and 31 October 2008

Spotted Crake, St. Marys', 30 October 2008

A fantastic trip, with quality birds as usual. The Snowy Owl surpassed any expectations, and was the best bird I've ever seen (I've seen one before but it was no where near as good as this bird!). Thanks to all the visiting birders and the locals for making the week excellent fun. I'll never forget being bundled into Spiders taxi with no idea where I was going or what I was going to see - an absolute classic!

King Eider (c) James Packer 2008

21 October 2007

A survey in Barnstaple meant that I missed the Brue Baird's, but I did manage lunch in Appledore where this King Eider duly obliged by catching crabs just offshore.

12 October 2008

After a lot of time spent in the field this weekend, a Great Grey Shrike (top two) was a welcome find, and a good bird for Berrow. The Green Woodpecker (bottom) was in the Burnham Holiday Village.

Grey Phalarope (c) James Packer 2008

Grey Phalarope (c) James Packer 2008

11 October 2008

Third visit lucky and this Grey Phalarope showed well this morning at Cheddar Reservoir. It wasn't long before it flew off into the middle of the res, where it tends to spend most of the day.

Little Stint (c) James Packer 2008

3 October 2008

This Little Stint on the Huntspill Sea Wall was so approachable that I could have done with an extension tube, as it closer than my lens 3.5 metre focussing distance. Onlookers would have said I was harrassing the bird, but it was feeding right in front of me apparently totally unaware. Thanks again to Mr Bowyer for the news!


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