October 2012

27 October 2012

The Daurian Shrike at Portland followed by the showy Hoopoe at Sand Bay later in the day. The shrike was only tricky in that is was only visible at close range to one person at a time through a gap in some brambles. The Hoopoe was flushed several times by dog walkers, once landing on the old war bunker for a few seconds.


20 October 2012

The Wryneck at Brean Down which showed well in the sun. Also a Ring Ouzel at the same place.

  Yellow-browed Warbler, Berrow by somersetbirder

13 October 2012

I have so far failed to photograph the Yellow-browed Warbler at Berrow, so here's a recording of the call.


8 October 2012

Going for the Cot Valley Whites Thrush was a pretty stupid idea, but the lure of this Paddyfield Warbler certainly made the trip to Cornwall worthwhile. This photo was taken in dense fog, so I'm well pleased with it!


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