October 2009

Isles of Scilly 25-31 October 2009

OK, this year the Isles of Scilly hasn't exactly been a classic but a week with Pallas' and Yellow-browed Warblers, Olive-backed Pipit, Bluethroat (top), Serin (second), probable Wilsons Snipe (third), Citrine Wagtail, (fourth), Whooper Swans (fifth) and Rose-coloured Starling (lower) isn't exactly totally rubbish. Any one of these in Somerset would been brilliant. The end of October Scilly birders were as usual, great company, and the place just fantastic.

17 October 2009

A nice day out to the Staines Brown Shrike, but the bird was mostly too far away for even a big lens. Results would have been much better with a digiscoping set up for once! When the bird did come close, either I was totally incompetent, the bird was behind a load of Brambles, or the light was crap.


5-9 October 2009

Having been in a slightly unexpected situation of having to bird at home rather than away this week, the above were scant compensation. A pale Common Buzzard at Catcott, Glossy Ibis at Meare, Mediterranean Gull and Magpie at Apex. Amazing how difficuly Magpies seem to be to photograph - it's taken me ages to get a decent photo of one.


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