September 2011

28 September 2011

What a shocker! This juvenile Pallid Harrier found late in the afternoon on Black Down in The Mendips by Nigel Voaden showed until dusk. No-one had predicted this for the next county first. The Ring Ouzel (lower) that flew over would normally have been a hightlight but they were a little bit eclipsed today!

25 September 2011

Spotted Sandpiper at Chew. Nice to see a summerish one, and nice to see Chew as terribly I've managed not to visit here since, er, may even be the Long-billed Dowitcher!

18 September 2011

There were a couple of Black Tern at Morland Pond in Burnham today, but blimey they were difficult to photograph. My delete button has never had so much use.

17 September 2011

A tip off that a couple of showy Ruff were at Cheddar Reservoir was not wrong (cheers Rog). These look so much better larger but you'll just have to imagine that.

13 September 2011

A fantastic seawatch at Burnham tonight with several Sabine's Gulls (top), Leach's Petrels, and Grey Phalaropes, whilst there was another Grey Phalarope (lower) at Berrow.

11 September 2011

This Purple Sandpiper has been at Berrow since yesterday - it's a good bird for here. Together with a Grey Phalarope later, and Sabine's Gulls on the 12th things are hotting up!!

9 September 2011

Juvenile Sabines Gull in Sand Bay. It took a lot of confidence and a good pair of wellies to walk half way to Cardiff to photograph this bird. Luckily the bird was totally bored with my presence.

8 September 2011

One of my favourites, a lovely Grey Phalarope at Weston-super-Mare sewage treatment works.


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