September 2012

29 September 2012

A trip to the south coast allowed me a third attempt at the Short-billed Dowitcher at Lodmoor. This proved successful with the bird being seen at short range. Later in the day I popped into Curry Moor for the Buff-breasted Sandpiper, where, despite torrential rain and impending darkness I managed to grab a couple of shots.

Little Bitterns 2012

In the last week or so, the Somerset Ornithological Society announced in its members newsletter, The Bittern, that Little Bitterns bred again successfully on The Somerset Levels for the third year in a row (no young were seen last year, but this isn't surprising - they're difficult!). The release of this news has since been greeted with a spectacular silence. Anyway, as the news is out and after consulting with the county and assistant recorder, it was decided appropriate that I published these images of the pair taken in July. To all those that I hadn't told about this at the time, I apologise, but the decision was out of my hands as the landowners decided to keep the news quiet. Considering the subsequent discovery of someone in the reedbed after the news was released in 2010, I can't really blame them. The birds are mega elusive, and the chances are that if you go looking for them you won't be successful. These photos were taken after many, many hours of observation with about 99.9% of those hours spent not seeing them. The recording below is of the male bird that called constantly on its arrival.

Little Bittern by somersetbirder 

15 September 2012

I didn't have very long at the Steart White-rumped Sandpiper this morning, but nice to see an adult. It did show well, but too distant really for photos. Maybe it'll hang around a bit until I can spend a bit longer with it. {The top photo is from 16th - still distant but a slight bit better with more time]

9 September 2012

Another Spotted Crake at Greylake RSPB! This time on the 'crake' pond, where the first one was - but this time showing evern better! I've got hundreds more photos but wanted to upload these quickly as I know I wont get chance in the next few days.

8 September 2012

Seconds at the Lodmoor Long-billed Dowitcher [edit: yes, yes, I know, Short-billed - I'm a divvy!] failed to produce any photos, but this was made up by the brilliant Monarch butterfly at Easton on Portland. It had a few bits missing, but this didn't seem to matter as it's so far spent 3 days feeding on the same bush!



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