Bat Sonograms

After searching the web for some example bat sonograms and failing to find a decent reference collection I've uploaded these examples.

All the sonograms have been recorded using either a Batbox Duet heterodyne and frequency division bat detector or an Anabat frequency division detector . The Duet detector is at the 'budget' end of detectors, it still produces acceptable sonograms that can help identify the bat to species. The Anabat is a more expensive detector that automatically records calls onto a compact flash memory card.

The Duet sonograms are the colour ones, the Anabat ones are balck and white.

The sonograms have been produced using Batscan software (Duet) or AnalookW.

All sonograms have been produced during real field surveys for foraging bats. They are not sonograms of known bats from roosts.

Comments to my email are welcome, more species will be uploaded when available. If you disagree with any sonogram ID, do please let me know.


Soprano Pipistrelle, North Devon, August 2005


Soprano Pipistrelle with a brief Common Pipistrelle (0.06 - 0.08 secs), Cheddar, September 2008


Common Pipistrelle, North Devon, August 2005


Common Pipistrelle, Somerset 2008


Noctule, Somerset, August 2008


Leislers/Serotine and Noctule, Wiltshire, June 2010


Serotine A, Somerset, July 2005


Serotine B, North Devon, August 2005


Serotine, Somerset, August 2008


Natterer's, Somerset, July 2005


Natterer's, Somerset, August 2008


Greater Horseshoe, Devon, July 2009



Lesser Horseshoe, North Devon, August 2005


Lesser Horseshoe, Cheddar, Somerset, September 2008


Common Pipistrelle followed by Lesser Horseshoe, Somerset, September 2006


Daubentons, Somerset, September 2006


Daubentons, Cheddar, Somerset, September 2008


Daubentons with social calls, July 2009


Whiskered/Brandts (I think - anyone?!), June 2010


Barbastelle, Somerset, September 2009



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